Making Artificial Intelligence in Finance accessible to every investor.

Pouthon Technologies’ Solution is a result of 30 years of technology and capital markets experience by its founder, Arthur Rabatin. What makes its solution unique is that risk management and decision simulation is fully embedded in the Deep Learning algorithm, trained on historically accurate financial and economic time series.

By designing the learning model on simulating real-life investment decisions, rather than separating market prediction from risk management, the AI model accurately reflects the real-world application. This gives a significantly better model than time series forecasting or risk management overlay.

Deep Learning Neural

  • Deep Learning Network developed at Facebook
  • Enhanced by proprietary trading and risk algorithms

Risk Management and Trade Accounting

  • Decision Simulation
  • Risk Metrics models used by industry standard Hedge Fund Analysis

Consolidation Framework

  • Over 50 Authoritative data sources
  • Over 200,000 time series

Statistical / Machine Learning Engine

  • Leading Edge Statistical Tools
  • Econometric Analysis
  • Model Validation

An integrated framework to combine AI modelling, trading strategies and risk management into a single decision making process.

By integrating risk management into the AI based decision simulation process, we achieve a more realistic view of the trading model. Traditional use of AI in Finance is typicall based on asset price forecasting, with portfolio allocation and risk decision treated as a separate overlay. This results in strategies where the actual model performance is very different from the forecasting model as position sizes, exposure limits and drawdown-risk tolerance impact each trading and investment decision.

Our ability integrate these decisions into a single framework create a better and more realistic approach for a systematic trading and investment strategy.

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