Products - Available and In Development

Our products and services are designed to make AI in Finance available to all investors, large and small.

Product Target Clientele Details
Retail Investor Subscription – Quantitative Market Insight and Quantitative Model Portfolios
Retail Investors
We are in the process of developing a strong retail offering for a subscription based product, informing investors about market events using tested quantitative models and helping their decision making through model portfolios.
Quantitative Model Portfolios for Sell-Side Sales and Asset Managers​
Asset Managers looking for quantitative insight, Sell-Side Sales who want to expand their advisory to include more quantitative aspects in their offering​.
We are in the process of developing a set of tested models against a variety of asset classes and markets. This will allow any investor to benefit from tested quantitative models – either to follow them or use the insight provided by these models to make more informed decisions ​.
Bespoke Trading System Development – Leveraging Deep Learning Neural Networks with built-in Risk Management and Order Management ​
Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors, Family Offices​
We combine industry-strength Neural Network technology with risk management and data expertise developed in over 20 years in the industry.​

We create executable and testable trading models based on your data, asset class scope and risk appetite. Once developed, the code will be made available to you to modify or enhance.​
Algortithmic Active ETF Design
Retail or Institutional Investors via ETF Issuers​
We are planning to extend model portfolios to design ETFs that implement these model portfolios, allowing all types of investors to share in the abilities of AI in Finance.​

Over 180,000 Economic Time Series

Over 200,000 Financial Market Time Series

Deep Learning Neural Network

Trading Accounting using Exchange Style Position Accounting

Transaction Cost Simulation

Cost-Of-Carry Simulation

Classificication Models

Linear and Non Linear Regression

Data Simplification

Portfolio Risk Metrics

Trade Level Risk Metrics

Multi-Currency Portfolios

Multi-Asset Class Portfolios

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